The Future of Brain Biofeedback and Imaging

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Testimonial from a mother of 9 year old girl I work with:  "Thank you for giving me my daughter back! She is so calm and cooperative now. We even cuddle again."  Ah, relief!

Now you can actually SEE your brain in action and train it to work better, with no medications and no unwanted side-effects! How would you know unless you LOOK? 
I've actually seen the occipital cortex slow down when I add the magstims just on top of head. Helped an anxious person calm down considerably, like "training wheels" 
I tried it and I felt a difference right away. I did feel tired which is normal since I was giving my brain a workout. I slept great !  EU 
It has become MUCH more popular for them than videos or video games, since it is a ‘game’ they play with their own minds.  I wish some of my MS and PhD clients would stop ‘thinking’ and just ‘get it’ like the kids do!  D.A. 2013 

"I can't tell you how much it meant to me to see my brain and how it now lies within a normal range of activity! It made it a lot easier to go on...I was going to give up because I thought I was so whacked out that I couldn't get better but I did! It was just situational issues to contend with." –MC 2013

I do so love my Brainmaster tho. Im so thrilled to b using it! i take images and save them just like in MRI! Dont even want to mess with my other system now. Like working blind. B.B. 2013 


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