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SXSWedu 2014, Austin, Tx                                                       Link to online material

Tom Collura, Elisabeth Collura-Rosenberg, Wes Center, and John Cammack spoke at the 2014 South by Southwest interactive educational conference.  (SXSWedu).  The topic was "Live 3-D Brain Imaging and Neurofeedback in Education," in the Cognitive Process & Design Thinking category.  The panel was very well received.  Many educators were surprised to see that a system that was 1/1000 the cost of an fMRI could also be 100x faster, and still produce useful brain functional images.  The relevance to education, individual differences, and social justice was discussed, and a lively Q&A session ensued.  And a special thanks to Robbie Earle for his excellent brain!

The Future of Brain Biofeedback and Imaging