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Kyusho Demonstration

A martial art and healing modality explored using BrainAvatar.  We recently had the opportunity to work with Evan Pantazi and his associates, demonstrating the art of Kyusho, which is a combined martial art and healing modality.  Our friend Dr. Diane Stoler arranged this opportunity in conjunction with a documentary being filmed on this topic.  We all met in Bedford in August, and performed some tests to see what EEG correlates might appear when Kyusho is being practiced. This shows Evan and Gary Rook preparing for the demonstrations.  The similarity in the EEG's is very remarkable, and they almost look like the same person.  Frontal low-frequency energy is prominent, with typical alpha and a slight frontal alpha abundance, plus frontal bilateral energy also appearing in high beta and gamma.  Links to the Kyusho web pages are at the bottom of this page.