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BrainMaster Meets LEGO in the 21st Century

BrainAvatar LEGO EV3 Robot Control Interface

Who says your "BrainAvatar" has to be bottled up inside a computer?  With the BrainAvatar LEGO interface, your brainwaves can come out into the real world, and interact with you to teach you brain self-regulation and optimal brain states without having to use a computer screen.  BrainAvatar introduces an interface to the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 series of robotic design and control kits.  Clients can design their own robots, or use any of the many predesigned robots in the LEGO EV3 series.  The system can be controlled via. the Atlantis hardware, using the built-in switch controls.  The video shows a young future robot scientist actually controlling the robot's actions with his own brainwaves.  When he shows a focused state of mind, the robot waves his propeller.  When he enters a relaxed and quiet state, the robot moves forward.  This employs the standard protocol used to enhance sensorimotor rhythm (SMR) while reducing theta waves.  A relaxed, and focused, and less distracted state is thus rewarded by the robot's activity.  This provides a unique level of real-world involvement and engagement that a client cannot help but understand.  See the videos below and let Aaron show you how it's done.