Brain Activation Images

Using a unique algorithm, eBrainAvatar Muse Mood reconstructs brain activity and provides an accurate, instantaneous image in real-time.

eBrainAvatar Muse Mood Brain Activity Ranking

eBrainAvatar Muse provides a unique brain activity ranking feature, allowing the subject's instantaneous emotional reactions to be seen and recorded.  These displays respond instantly to preconscious brain activation changes, which precede conscious awareness, and show brain activities that underly emotions and decision-making.  The displays below show different reactions (positive and negative) to changing words, images, and thoughts.

BrainMaster Technologies, Inc. (Bedford, OH) is announcing the development of a next-generation EEG-based brain interface, the eBrainAvatar Muse.  This program (Windows and Mac) and app (Android and iOS, forthcoming) takes advantage of Muse: the brain-sensing headband produced by Interaxon, and provides a portal to mental fitness and applications for both nonclinical and clinical uses. The eBrainAvatar Muse provides a simple wireless 4-channel EEG with basic EEG functions, plus a unique volumetric projector based on a unique projection technique. This program is useful for mental health professionals, therapists, coaches, or any practitioner interested in a clinical quality EEG at a low-cost, that can be used with minimal preparation or fuss.  The dry sensors connect quickly to the client’s forehead, providing 4 channels of EEG that reflect brain activity in the frontal areas. The basic functions are similar to a tape recorder, only for EEG.  Recordings can be seen live, and can be saved and played back, with a clock indicator and "snapshot" function. Also, a unique "bipolar bilinear" brain localization projector is built-in.  This provides meaningful renditions of activity at the level of the brain, not just the surface EEG. This makes BrainAvatar Muse useful for therapists, hypnotherapists, or any practitioner.  BrainAvatar Muse produces event-related brain images like no other system, for research, clinical practice, or personal brain exploration and optimization. 

NOTE: eBrainavatar Muse Mood is an entirely new app and is not the same as BrainAvatar 4.0 for Atlantis, Discovery, and Echo

eBrainAvatar Muse Mood

Brain Imaging and Emotional Indicator Applications for the Interaxon Muse: the brain-sensing headband

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Muse: the brain-sensing headband device is an over-the-counter product manufactured by Interaxon, Toronto, CA, and is legally marketed for general sales worldwide.  It is not considered a medical device.  The eBrainAvatar Muse Mood app is a nonclinical program intended for emotional response awareness, and is not considered neurofeedback.. Neither the hardware nor the applications are intended to diagnose or treat any disorder.  No prescription or license are required to purchase and use the Muse headband or the eBrainAvatar Muse Mood application.

High-Quality EEG Recordings.

The Muse provides high-quality 4-channel EEG recordings.  Even in the presence of eyeblinks, our gamma filtering method provides clean and reliable signals.

The Future of Brain Biofeedback and Imaging

Not a medical product.   eBrainAvatar Muse Mood is not intended to diagnose or treat any disorder.